The Company

What we stand for – and where we come from.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. – This rate applies to 100 percent for our Industrie Company, because our company is much more than the mere accumulation of machines and workforce at one location. Only through the contribution of individual achievements and qualities, through the interplay and the interaction, it is finally the IC-e.

  • About Industrie Company – Elektro

    About Industrie Company – Elektro

    The Industrie Company – Elektro, located in Willich near Dusseldorf, gives a perfect example for punctuality, for partnership with the client and for adaptability and fast response time even in case of unusual and extensive requirements.

  • About us

    About us

    IC-e will be managed by a dual management team: Managing Director Stephan Streithoven will be responsible for the commercial side of the company, and Managing Director Christian Haferkamp for the technical side.

    Organizationally, IC-e consists of the following work areas:

    • project planning
    • software creation
    • visualization
    • commissioning
    • switchgear construction
    • purchasing / acquisition
    Christian Haferkamp
    Stephan Streithoven
  • Where we come from

    Where we come from

    The naming for our young and growing company makes the connection all too clear: IC-e was born in close relationship with the company Industrie Company.

    The connections are both content-related and personnel-related: IC-e's services are - among other things - integrated into the machines and plants of the Industrie Company, which manufactures transport and handling systems for pipes, sheets and profiles. 

    In addition, there is a personnel connection; after all, Stephan Streithoven is the managing director of both IC and IC-e, here together with Christian Haferkamp.

    From this basis, and with the experience of projects in the steel industry, IC-e is now increasingly extending its sensors in other directions. Thus, other major projects, including those in the chemical industry, are now also on the credit side.

    We will continue like this.  

  • General Terms of Delivery, Payment and Purchase

    General Terms of Delivery, Payment and Purchase